Dear Donor Family,

No one ever really expects to be the recipient of the donation of human tissue or of an organ. Often we assume we'll never get seriously ill or in some other way need someone's help. I am writing to thank you for the incredibly generous gift of tissue donation from your precious family member. About 2 weeks ago I had surgery to repair a fractured elbow. The tissue was used to stabilize a plate that was inserted into the elbow. I am exceedingly grateful to be on the way to recovery. This was the second surgery and has had a far better outcome.

Please allow me to tell you a bit about myself. I am 55 and a high school teacher. My special teaching areas are US history and Middle Eastern history. You must know that each time I carry my books and materials from class to class - rushing off to zany 9th graders or quizzical 11th graders, or when I raise my arm to wipe the board - I will know the obvious benefit of the surgery and the donation from your family member.

Also, I have a college-aged daughter and she has delighted in knowing that I am really healing this time.
I will keep your family member and your generosity in my heart and prayers always.

Thank you so very much.