Transplant Professionals

The Pathways Thank You Letter Program is a communication system that has proven to be effective in generating correspondence from transplant recipients to donor families.

Pathways provides package inserts to tissue banks for distribution to patients who have received donated tissue during surgery. A similar response card is currently under development for distribution to organ transplant recipients.

The Pathways Thank You Letter Program offers many distinct advantages.
• Increased Opportunities for Public Education
- Tissue package inserts educate recipients of tissue about the gift of donation at a time when the information has personal relevance.

• Organ and Tissue Recipient Support
- Eliminates uncertainty about what to write to donor families
- Simplifies the response by directing all letters to a centralized location

• Donor Family Care
- Expedites the process of forwarding letters to donor families through enhanced interagency
communication and coordination
- Meets donor families’ expectations that they will receive information about the recipients of their loved ones’donation
- Helps donor families to find meaning in an otherwise senseless loss
- Increases satisfaction with donation process

All transplant professionals have a role in ensuring the success of the Pathways Thank You Letter Program. Contact us to find out more about how to participate.